My professional objective is simple. In a word, I want to be able to continue to work. I want to be able to work doing what I love to do. I want to work as a director and screenwriter. 

To achieve the goal of working in the industry and, more importantly to be able to continue to work, it is imperative to watch and learn from those who already have the skill and knowledge necessary. Everything I’ve done independently and academically has gone to support the ultimate goal of being a working director. The expanded version is that I want to be a great working director and I think the best way to do that is to continue to learn from every possible source and for me to open and take it all in. And it is my hope to be given that chance. I have a long list of goals, aspirations and dreams I am pursuing and very much want to achieve as a director, but I am pragmatic enough to realize that it is imperative to learn and evolve as much as I am capable before I launch myself skyward. My intention is to be able to take advantage of any opportunity afforded me and to do that I need to be as informed and prepared as possible.

my story

Director - Writer - Actor

Scott Aaron Hartmann

Making Movies is a difficult vocation, and I enjoy the challenge. I was challenged when I started making movies with no budget and no support. I've been challenged throughout my academic experience. And continue to be challenged building and continuing my filmmaking career. Happily.

Oregon born and raised. I graduated from Southern Oregon University cum laude with a degree in Media Studies. Working independently for a number of years developing movies, writing screenplays and doing the film festival circuits. I received a Master of Fine Arts Film Production, Chapman University. I’ve been fortunate to get a number of my independent short films have screened at festivals all over the world, garnering a number of awards. I have been lucky to have worked with many great performers, including Joseph Runningfox (Geronimo, Ravenous) and Misty Upham (Frozen River, August: Osage County).

In addition to the fimmaking I am an actor, painter, poet, graphic artist, webmaster, and tries whatever else might draw his attention...​​